I offer one-on-one Orton-Gillingham Approach reading tutoring to students.

When I first meet with a student I will do an assessment to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. From there I will customize their first lesson based on their current reading foundation. My office is located near Isle of Hope.

- Sessions are 40-50 minutes in length
- A minimum of 2 sessions per week are required


"My son started working with Casey in July of 2013 with the Orton-Gillingham method. He had struggled with reading and spelling since Pre-K.. His self esteem was minimal with reading and he was terrified to read out loud in class. Usually, he has passed the end of the year Lexile requirement by only 5 points or so for promotion. This year, a month into school, he has already met next grade’s Lexile requirements! His grade in a Reading is now 10 points higher than before. His confidence is through the roof. He read the Hobbit, for fun! He does still have days that are harder than others, but his confidence and experience of success in the past help get him through those days. This method of reading has helped him like no other methods that we had previously tried. He enjoys working with Casey and frequently asks when he will get to go back to tutoring. You know you have something good when the child asks for more tutoring! I would recommend this method to any child for reading and especially a child with any type of processing disorder, like Dyslexia."

                                                -Brendan's Mom

"Casey is an excellent tutor who has been working with my son and daughter every week since September 2013. She has helped them move mountains with understanding the language, decoding, comprehension, and so much more."

                                                - Leighton and Linea's Mom

"When Chloe first started seeing Casey in March of 2013, we had so many words we didn't understand that came from teachers and doctors like 'possibly dyslexia', '504's', 'IEP's', 'RTI's, 'ADD', 'anxiety'.As a mother, I was overwhelmed. Firstly, Casey spent an hour on the phone with me before I met her explaining all of these unknown terms and calming my fears with words of encouragement. I didn't feel alone anymore knowing that she has experienced some of these issues not just as a tutor, but as a Mother as well.

Chloe immediately bonded with Casey's jovial personality and her ability to handle my daughter’s energetic and sometimes impulsive personality, but she saw the ability that Chloe really had underneath the distractions. She kept Chloe's interest teaching with various games and drawing letters and words in sand which gave Chloe the ability to visualize what she was learning. This is when things began to click. Chloe's confidence started to improve first, then she began to enjoy books versus avoiding them. I remember Casey saying to me 'read to her even if she can't read to you so she doesn't developed a fear of reading and can enjoy the magic of the story'. This was so important for her and for us to share with her.

Chloe is now in 2nd grade and scored on a 3rd grade reading level last time she was tested. She has improved so much that we are able to reduce our visits. She still has struggles but seeing her begging to read chapter books is something I wasn't sure I would ever see 2 years ago and there is no price on her confidence that has risen in the classroom."

                                                  - Cloe's Mom

“Casey Welsh has done a tremendous job with our son. In addition to the gains he’s made in classroom reading assignments we are witnessing for the first time ever and increased desire to read for pleasure. We credit Mrs. Welsh’s tutoring and Orton-Gillingham training with our son’s progress in reading”.

                                                 - Stephen's Mom

"When we learned, just a year into my now 8 year old's OG education, that we were moving from Hawaii to Fort Stewart, GA, I panicked! In one year of OG in Hawaii, my daughter went from a “non-learner”, with no letter recognition, to now reading at her appropriate grade level, which is truly phenomenal from where she’s been. I have OG as a program to thank, but even more Casey Welsh, for taking in my daughter and our family into her program.

I truly spent endless hours calling all over GA to find someone to take her further in OG, and all I heard was there are no good professionals in the area, especially none near Hinesville. Thankfully, my husband stumbled on Casey’s website, and she graciously “interviewed” with the current tutor, whom I was convinced would never be matched. I was wrong, and Casey has become a critical member team “Team Maggie”; educators and family for our daughter. Maggie has developed a deep trust and friendship with Casey, and my daughter is a tough nut to crack! Casey has the tough love it takes to push her forward, and energy and laughter to keep it fun, and the world of reading, exciting.

We live an hour from Casey, and the three times a week drive proved tiring for all of us, so we have now been able to tutor on-line two of those days. Casey is innovative and creative with her use of technology and tools, and has the skills and abilities to drive the sessions remotely, despite my daughter’s often mood swings. This past summer, as my daughter was living in CA, Casey was able to do 100% remote tutoring, which working with my less than technically adept mother to do so! Returning that Fall, the teachers raved about the progress in reading! She was in great hands!

I cried when she first asked me, at 6, if she would ever be able to lay in bed and read at night like other kids, and cried harder with pride, when I indeed found her huddled under her blankets, sounding out her first American Doll book. We will move every two years with the Army, and I am hopeful I can “bring” Casey with us wherever we go!"

                                                 - Maggie's Mom