School and District Wide Professional Development

As reading proficiency continues to decline, new dyslexia laws are being implemented and educators are searching to enhance their understanding of reading instruction and shift their practices to align with the science of reading. For districts looking for a professional development course that will support your educators in making this shift and elevate reading and writing skills for your students, this is what you have been searching for.

Offering science of reading professional development for districts to support educators and elevate reading and writing skills.

Savannah Dyslexia has launched this course with all K-5 teachers in a district with over 175,000 students and feedback from teachers and administration has been positive. Here is what they had to say…

Introduction to Implementing Multisensory Structured Literacy Course

Professional development course to educate classroom teachers in the science of reading while empowering them with the knowledge and tools to implement a structured, systematic, multisensory reading and spelling approach in their classroom.

This course is focused on a strong base in research of reading development, the reading brain and what we know through research of best practices to reach all students in reading and spelling instruction and to help teachers understand the WHY behind the shift in practices of literacy instruction. At the same time, course development was focused on empowering teachers with the knowledge of the structure of the English language and HOW to implement these new practices within their classrooms.

In addition to the background understanding of the structure of the English language, the course includes interactive ways for teachers to learn the concepts and how to teach the material to students.

  • Teachers experience structured literacy lessons as “students” to see how they can teach their students with this approach.
  • Teachers watch students being taught these skills using the tools teachers are learning to implement.
  • Teachers participate in lessons using materials and tools that students will be using in their classroom lessons.

Course Materials

Each teacher receives:
Course manual and phonogram deck
Over 1000 pages of digital materials to print and use in classroom.

Course Content

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This course was designed as a manageable 45 hours of training with 38 hours of the training being asynchronous and self-paced so that teachers have flexibility in when they complete the learning modules. All asynchronous training weeks will include interactive videos, demonstrations of applying concepts in classrooms and knowledge checks . Due to the volume and complexity of material, it is important that teachers have direct contact with the trainer for synchronous learning to occur in addition to the asynchronous learning. This course gives each teacher 7 hours of Live training hours with their Fellow to ensure deep learning, interactive small group work and ability for questions and learning to be clarified.

Cohort Design

Savannah Dyslexia works with each partner district to find Cohort timings that work with the district schedules to ensure teachers do not have due dates during school holidays. We also work with districts in choosing weeks for the Synchronous training days to ensure ability of sub coverage. Cohorts are designed with districts to spread the 7 weeks of training out to include padding weeks and off weeks for teachers as a built in relief valve for flexibility due to teacher scheduling and their daily work load. This ensures that teachers have time not to fall behind in course completion.

To see how your district can partner with Savannah Dyslexia, please contact us and we will be in touch with more information and pricing.